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Wye, Kent

As you'll know if you've read elsewhere on this site, I do love a nice walk in the Kent countryside.

On this occasion, the destination was Wye Downs, about 6 miles from the town of Ashford in Kent.

The walk takes in part of the North Downs Way which runs for 157 miles from Farnham in Surrey to Dover.

Several parts of the North Downs way follow the ancient Pilgrim's Way -- a route used by pilgrims on their way from Winchester to Canterbury. Their mission to pray for St Thomas a Becket -- an Archbishop of Canterbury, martyred in the 12th Century.

We started off at Wye Church, a beautiful old church restored in the 15th Century by a local man called John Kempe, who apparently went on to become and Archbishop of Canterbury himself.

From the church we headed out of the village along the main road.

After crossing over a few stiles and fields we eventually got to a road which formed part of the Pilgrim's Way, just before reaching Wye National Nature Reserve.

The nature reserve consists of woodland, loads of wild flowers, bird life, chalk grassland and a coombe (a sort of deep valley carved out in the ice age).

A steep but relatively brief climb takes you up onto the North Downs Way. From here you get stunning views of the surrounding countryside and Wye Coombe (also known as Devils Kneading Trough).

Just near the coombe is a restaurant but there's also a picnic area if you come prepared.

From the coombe, we walked along the top of the downs for a bit, then descended back down into the beautiful woodland.

The end of the woodland path brings you out into some fields. Head for the grounds of Wye Agricultural College and you end up back in the village round the back of the old church.

A great 4-5 mile circular walk which with a lunch stop, fairly leisurely pace and the odd wrong turn took about 2½ hours.

Church, Wye Kent
Wye Church


Wye Coombe, Wye,  Kent
Wye Coombe


woods, Wye, Kent
Wibbly Walk, Wye

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