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Wimbledon Common & Richmond Park

While foot and mouth disease ravaged the British countryside, it was a struggle to find anywhere out of London to go for a nice long walk on this holiday weekend.

Fortunately Wimbledon Common and Richmond park in South West London provided the perfect solution. You can walk for miles and it's difficult to believe you're actually still in a major city.

Entering the common from Wimbledon High St. we had a slow amble to the Windmill Museum via some very well fed and scary looking crows. Then it was down to the nearby pond for a rest to take in the wonderful, peaceful scenery and bask in the spring sunshine. England being what it is though, it got a wee bit chilly after a while so we got up again and headed towards Richmond Park.

Almost as soon as we entered the park by Robin Hood Gate clusters of deer could be seen just mooching around, eating grass and doing their thang. Vague memories of being brought here as a small child to see the predecessors of these deer herds. This place seemed like it was at the other end of the earth then.

We wandered aimlessly in the general direction of Richmond gate (we hoped). More peaceful, green scenes and people wandering about looking chilled and happy. On the top of the hill near Richmond Gate spectacular views of the city, west London and the surrounding countryside. Out of the gate and on to Richmond Hill for views of the River Thames snaking its way through this well heeled bit of the Capital city. All along the riverside shiny happy people spilling out of pubs trying not to look too cold in their T-shirts and shorts.

I shall certainly be revisiting. It feels like you could come to this area hundreds of times and still discover new places.

Wimbledon Common
Wimbledon Common


Richmond Park - deer
Richmond Park - Deer


Richmond Park - Penn Ponds
Richmond Park - Penn Ponds

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