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Whitstable and Tankerton Slopes - Kent

Days on end of scorching hot, dry weather (- not words you usually get to associate with this part of the world) -- it was time to head for the seaside.

I'm cheating a bit really coz not a lot of walking happened on this day - more like a lot of eating and lying around in the sun (with very occasional short walks to and from the car).

Whitstable is easily within 1½ hours drive of London on a good day. So we booked ourselves a table at a local fish restaurant and arrived just in time for our lunch.

Once we'd had ample sufficiency, we strolled the hundred yards or so down to the (pebble) beach. Not the most comfortable to lie on but very nice nevertheless.

The tide was well out, so the brave amongst us took of our shoes and set off to dip our toes in the lovely warm sea.

Then we went for a (very short) wander through the town and decided we'd head off to Tankerton Slopes, about 3 minutes drive down the road.

The beach at Tankerton is kind of like Whitstable's but there are these lovely comfortable well trimmed grass slopes overlooking it, and lots of cute little beach huts.

So, armed with ice creams we marked out our territory and were treated to wonderful views, a bit of people watching and lovely warm, late afternoon sunshine.

Lots of people were out swimming and the sea did look very inviting. However this time, none of us could overcome our nice chilled out feelings enough to venture in.

Later we were treated to a stunning sunset and wished we'd had the presence of mind to book ourselves into a local B & B... but we hadn't ...

Still, the journey home wasn't too bad and it wasn't long before we were home looking back on a lovely day.

Boats, Whitstable Beach, Kent
Boats, Whitstable Beach, Kent


Whitstable town centre, Kent
Whitstable Town Centre, Kent


Beach Huts, Tankerton Slopes, Kent
Beach Huts - Tankerton Slopes


Sunset, Tankerton Slopes - Kent
Sunset, Tankerton Slopes - Kent


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