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Walberswick - Suffolk

A long weekend away with me mates in Suffolk - what could be nicer. Rented a cottage near a place called Eye. The Cottage was good and within easy reach of Walberswick and Dunwich on the coast. Met up with some more mates who were camping in Southwold just across the river from Walberswick- home of the British Open Crabbing championships and famous for, amonst other things, its wooden buildings.

We started off with big plans to do a 12km circular walk from Walberswick to Dunwich and back. Within seconds of meeting, someone suggested going for a pint and it was clear our ambitions would be scaled down somewhat.
In the end we walked for 2 or 3 hours (though admittedly not gettting all that far), taking in woodland, marshland, lots of beautiful wild flowers and the ruins of the 13th Century Church of St. Andrew.
We ended the walk strolling along the shingle beach back into the quaint village. At the beach near the village numbers of artists, easels out, attended to painting the surrounding scenery.

We topped the day off with a fine meal of fresh fish and seasonal veg at one of the local pubs. The beer went down pretty well too.

About 3 or 4 years previously one Christmas, I and another group of friends spent a day doing the Dunwich to Walberswick thing. I have never been so cold before or since. The wind off the sea was incredible. It was nice to be able to appreciate the scenery a bit more this time rather than being totally focussed on getting back to our cottage in the shortest possible time.

Wild poppies
Wild Poppies


Church of St. Andrew, Walberswick
Church of St. Andrew


wooden buildings, Walberswick
Wooden buildings, Walberswick

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