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Victoria Park, London

Victoria Park in East London is another good starting point for a walk. The park is fairly big anyway so you can take a decent stroll around the whole thing. There are lot's of nice bits to sit or lie down in if you just fancy hanging out and watching the world go by. The best thing about this park for me though is that it provides plenty of options for walks of varying lengths.

If you enter the park at Queen's Gate (Victoria Park Road E9) and walk straight across the path to St Mark's Gate, hang a right and walk a short distance, you'll find an entrance down onto the canal. Walk down the tow path until you get to Old Ford Lock.
At the lock you get lots of choices because here the Grand Union Canal and Hertford Union Canal meet.

You can head off down the Hertford Union Canal towards Lea Valley park and beyond, following the River Lea.
Alternatively you can take the Grand Union Canal route and a relatively short walk (about a mile and a half) to Limehouse Basin and the River Thames.
If you fancy a longer walk (about 8 miles), head off in the direction of London's famous "Little Venice" where there is a thriving house boat community. The route takes in London's trendy Islington and Camden.

All along the canal paths you'll probably see lots of people fishing, I've never come across anyone who's caught anything though...

Flower gardens
Flower Gardens


Old Ford Lock
Old Ford Lock


Grand Union canal
Grand Union Canal


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