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Geffrye Museum and
Tower Bridge

A bit of a cheat really as this didn't start out as a walk - more of a what shall we do today thing. So we decided to check out the Geffrye Museum which is like this "English domestic interior design through the ages" museum. Not the sort of thing I'd normally go for but it was really cool. A real hidden treasure. From the outside you wouldn't have a clue that there was all this good interesting stuff inside - and it was free too.

After wandering through rooms from Elizabethan (circa 1580) to Modern we'd worked up enough of an appetite to go and get a curry in nearby Brick Lane - aka Bangla Town. Really spoilt for choice as there's a whole load of great restaurants to choose from.

On bellies full of delicious and reasonably priced nosh our only choice was to walk some of it off. Luckily, Brick Lane is not too far from the river so we headed off towards St Catherine's docks. Oh to be rich enough to moor my own yacht within view of my apartment! Pretty exclusive stuff. A short walk past a variety of sailing-type things brought us to Tower Bridge - my favourite of London's bridges.

I've driven over Tower Bridge loads of times but never actually stepped out to take a proper look. Well, it was a real treat. Across the water, London's new(ish) County Hall glistened in the sun - the first time I'd seen it - kind of a weird looking building but I really like it. Then of course there's the Tower of London itself and Tower Bridge museum (which will have to wait for another day).

While we were on a roll we decided to keep on truckin' along Sugar Quay Walk and Thames Path. Great views across the river all along the route. Eventually we got to the good old Millennium Bridge - better known as the wobbly bridge as it was closed for repair almost as soon as it opened in 2000 due to severe swaying when people crossed it. Anyway the whole thing got sorted and reopened after about a year and a bit. What a lovely bridge it is too! Cross over from the north bank of the river and you hit the Tate Modern art gallery which is also fab both inside and out.

All in all, what started out as a pretty shapeless day turned into a thoroughly enjoyable experience - I could really get into this tourist thing...

Edwardian Room Geffrye Museum - London
Edwardian room - Geffrye Museum


Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge


County Hall, London
County Hall


Tate Modern and Millenium Bridge, London
Tate Modern and Millennium Bridge

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