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Springfield Park
& The River Lea

What I like about Springfield Park (London E5) is that there are a lot of different bits in and around the area. From the top of the park get great views of Walthamstow Marshes, Springfield Marina, and the River Lea.

You can walk, run or cycle for miles along the river in either direction stopping off at one of the many riverside pubs.
If you fancy blobbing in the park you can do that too. There's a couple of cafe's nearby. One in the park itself and one just next to the rowing club. Cross the bridge next to the rowing club and you'll find a picnic area.

If you fancy checking out the plant and animal life there's the nature reserve bit just across the river from the park. A short walk along the river in one direction takes you towards Hackney Marshes, the old River Lea, and another little nature reserve. A long the Old River Lea you are quite likely to see herons. In the other direction you'll get to Tottenham Marshes. Hackney Marshes has the largest collection of football pitches in Europe (might even be the world - I can't remember). On a weekend you can catch men and women playing footy. Kite flying competitions are also held here and in the summer there is a campsite.




photo River Lea
River Lea at the rowing club


photo Springfield Park
Springfield Park


photo Ditches and ponds
Ditches and ponds of the nature reserve

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