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Sissinghurst Gardens, Kent

Easter weekend - winter's hibernation period was coming to an end. It was time to get adventurous and go a bit further afield than the local park. A day trip out to the countryside with friends was definitely in order.
So off we set to Kent - so called "Garden of England".

We decided it would probably be a good idea to start off with a hearty meal. Being Easter weekend everywhere we wanted to go was booked up. However we did eventually find room at a 16th Century Inn called The Bell, in Smarden Bell near Headcorn.

The food at The Bell was excellent and given that our eyes were somewhat bigger than our bellies we all ended up feeling pretty stuffed. What better cure for a full belly and attendant indigestion than a stroll to walk it all off?

Our intrepid party headed off to Sissinghurst Castle Gardens to check out the lake and woodland walk.

The gardens were originally created by Vita Sackville West, an English novelist and poet better known for her relationship with Virginia Woolf (in the circles I move in anyway). I think her hubby had a bit of a hand in creating the gardens as well - anyway they're now owned and maintained by the National Trust.

The gardens are great in summer with loads of beautiful flowers in bloom. If flowers or parting with cash for the privilege of seeing them are not your thing, there's plenty of nice stuff around you can see for free.

It's also possible to sneak a view of the gardens in places and there's a rather fetching moat surrounding them.

The woodland walk was beautiful with wild spring flowers just out. It was kind of muddy but that just added to the fun. The nearby lake was calm and peaceful and impressively thick with rushes in places.

One of the things Kent is famous for is it's Oast houses - weird shaped buildings that were traditionally used for drying hops - the main ingredient of the great British Pint (of beer - not much of a fan myself but plenty of people are). Nowadays lots of these oast houses are being converted to living spaces and sold for amounts that will make your cry into your beer.

One final thing - there's an excellent Bed and Breakfast right next to Sissinghurst gardens. I've stayed there a couple of times and it's perfect for a weekend away and / or that special occasion...

Oast house, Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
Oast House, Sissinghurst Castle Gardens


Moat, Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
Moat, Sissinghurst Castle Gardens


Lake, Sissinghurst
Lake, Sissinghurst


Woods, Sissinghurst Castle Farm
Woodland Walk, Sissinghurst Gardens

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