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Mill Hill / Totteridge

A quiet little suburb of North West London, Mill Hill has lots of good little bits to walk in. Although you're never very far from a road it's very very peaceful round here. I like to start off in Partingdale woods and have a little wander about. After that there are numbers of choices about where to go. There are 2 or 3 way marked routes you can take. I like to roam about freely. Any one would be hard pushed to get really lost around here. The National Institute for Medical Research on the Ridgeway is a good land mark. Its green roof can be seen from a long way off.

The walk from Mill Hill to Totteridge is very pleasant. There's a long route and a short route. A good circular route takes in the Orange Tree Public House in Totteridge which is not a bad place to stop for food and drink.

Both Totteridge and Mill Hill Villages are pretty and have more than their fair share of ponds and posh
houses - get a glimpse of how the other half lives! English country villages right here in the big smoke.

The surrounding area has fields, wild flowers including rare Fritillaries and working farms (- with grazing for the nearest milking herd to central London apparently). There is also a little nature reserve, and Folly Brook which wends it's way for miles.

West of the Ridgeway near Mill Hill Public school is Arrandene Recreation ground which is also pleasant to walk in. Enter via the footpath near the Junction of Featherstone Road and Page Street (London NW7), and you will find a wooded area with masses of wild garlic. Plod on through the woods into open park land. The recreation ground can be incorporated into the Mill Hill - Totteridge walk to make it a bit more substantial.

Totteridge ponds
Duck Pond - Orange Tree Public House, Totteridge


photo bluebells


Meadow, Mill Hill

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