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South Bank and the
London Eye

With all the good stuff in other parts of the world or the country for that matter, it's easy to forget what's on your own doorstep.

The London Eye's been around for a good while now but this was my first trip up on this giant ferris wheel. The trip takes about half an hour and gives you spectacular views of the River Thames and London.

The whole area around the South Bank is a good place to visit, take a slow stroll down the river and admire the views, take in a gallery, do a spot of being propelled high into the air on giant elastic bands, visit the London Aquarium, see a film, eat fine food and much more ...

On this particular occasion we took in the Oxo Tower (great views of London and the London Eye from up here). Had a really nice meal in the brasserie. There's also a (more expensive) restaurant and cocktail bar - I imagine the views improve even more after a few drinks.

After the tower, we set off to queue up for the London Eye. Fortunately it didn't take too long and within about 20 minutes we were slowly spinning round with the other people in our "pod" enjoying the view.

Once back on terra firma we continued our stroll, tried to identify the buildings on the other side of the river, and work out the order of all the bridges along the Thames.

Even though I've spent most of my life living here, the average tourist probably knows a great deal more about London's sights than I do. I keep promising myself I'll hop on one of those tourist buses and get to know my city a little better.

Ended the day at the National Film Theatre seeing a film called "Stranger Inside" by Cheryl Dunye which, like Watermelon Woman - one of her other films, was fab and thought provoking.

By the time we came out, it was dark and London had been transformed into twinkling fairy tale land with all the buildings and bridges lit up.

So, despite all the cars and pollution, London definitely has it's plus side. A walk by the river reminded me why I like to call this city "home".

London Eye
The London Eye


Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben


River Thames
River Thames from the London Eye


St Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral

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