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Heben Bridge - Yorkshire

It was the weekend of the Women's Euro footy cup final which was being played at Blackburn Rovers. The perfect excuse to head up north and hang out with a couple of me old footy pals.

After watching an exciting match and bemoaning the fact that we're all too old and injured to still be playing ourselves, we decided to cheer ourselves up with something we could still do and go for a nice long walk.

With the lure of several pub options along the way we made a bee line for Hebden Bridge, a small former mill town in West Yorkshire.

After much humming, hah-ing and general discussion we found the track for the start of what was a really fantastic walk, taking in bits of the Calderdale Way and the countryside around Heptonstall and Hebden.

Climbing up through beautiful woodland with the sound of streams bubbling away below, and the splash of waterfalls, we reached "the tops".

The view opened out into stunning buttercup filled meadows, and farmland criss crossed with dry stone walls, and dotted with pretty stone cottages.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we were most definitely in the countryside (as I discovered when I got up from taking a few photos to find my shorts covered in sheep shit).

The first pub we stopped at was closed, but undeterred we carried on with frequent stops to take in the wonderful view.

I probably sound like a real townie but even though London has some nice green space it's just not the same ... I began to really envy the locals who wake up to this great view every day.

We stopped off for a while by a river then pressed on to the pretty Heptonstall old town with its quaint cobbled streets.

The local pub was open so we kind of felt obliged to stop off for a couple of long cold beers. Very refreshing.

Once revived we continued downwards back into Hebden Bridge.

Arriving back in the town we headed for the canal and a pleasant stroll along the waterside back to where we began our journey.

All in all a great way to spend a few hours and I hope it won't be too long before I get to check out some more of the area and its superb walking.

waterfall, Hebden Fridge, England


Buttercup filled meadow, Hebden Bridge, England
Buttercup Meadow


Hebden Bridge, Town
Hebden Bridge


Canal, Hebden Bridge
Canal, Hebden Bridge


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