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Exmoor - Devon

It had been ages since I'd been able to get out to the countryside for a decent walk.

So when I reconnected with an old friend who'd moved out of London, I welcomed the opportunity for a visit to her new pad in North Devon.

After a long hard week at work, and a long train journey it was great to be out of the "Big Smoke" and in the fresh air.

Despite the ominous forecast we woke up to a beautiful day, had a hearty breakfast, and headed out onto Exmoor, a short drive away down lovely winding country roads.

Now Exmoor is pretty huge ( - there's over 260 sq miles of it), and it's pretty wild and remote in places. You can spend several days walking here if you choose to, and it's the sort of place you can get pretty lost (so, with my legendary ability to get lost vey easily, I was glad to be with someone who knew where they were going).

We just took in a tiny part of it, walking for 2-3 hours, not far from the village of West Anstey and around Dulverton .

Even in the small area we walked, we had everything from beautiful woodland and streams, heathland, rolling hills, and, in places, 360 degree views of the whole shebang. Very beautiful.

As well as the wonderful landscape, we happened upon some Exmoor ponies - wild ponies that inhabit the moor, and one of the world's oldest breeds.

Despite being pretty hardy little beasts they're pretty rare now, with only about 1200 of them left in the world.

I'm not in the least bit horsey (in fact the big ones scare the **** out of me and I do my best to keep right out of their way), but I did really like admiring these ponies from afar.

For their size they are pretty impressive creatures especially considering that they happily brave the moors in the cold bleak winters ... Rather them than me.

So, hopefully more trips to North Devon, and a chance to further explore the wilds of Exmoor are on the horizon.

Call me a wimp, but methinks it will be a warm and dry weather pursuit for me...


Woodland, Exmoor
Exmoor - Woodland


Exmoor, heathland
Exmoor - Heathland


Exmoor, farmland


Exmoor Ponies
Exmoor Ponies


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