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Devils Dyke - East Sussex

Devil's Dyke also on the South Downs Way in East Sussex is a pretty awesome place. Apparently it's the deepest dry valley in the world and that's pretty deep.

The wind blows through at a pace. Often you'll see lots of kite - flying going on outside the front of the pub. When the wind is right you'll also see numbers of para gliders floating high in the sky. It's pretty good fun watching them take off but probably not as much fun as actually doing it. Unfortunately on this occasion the wind wasn't right so no pics of gliders. If you can tear yourself away from the aerial activity and the (pretty naff - sorry!) pub it's well worth taking a walk through the dyke or over the top (or a combination). Loads of pretty wild flowers, more than it's fair share of rabbits and probably loads of other wild life as well. At the other end of the dyke to the big pub with the kites etc. outside (sorry, can't remember it's name) you get to the pretty little village of Poynings. On this walk we passed through a beautiful field chock full of waist high buttercups just like in the old Cadbury's Flake advert.

On this occasion we went down through the middle of the dyke and back across the top. Stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Then returned along the South Downs way trail in front of the pub, to Truleigh Hill where we were staying. On the way, lots of rolling hills and sea views. A little way down from the Youth Hostel you get to Mill Hill nature reserve (no relation to the one in London's Mill Hill). Coming up the hill at night we spotted deer (you can probably spot them in the day too though!).

Even though the weather was very changeable, all in all the walk from Truleigh Hill to Poynings and back via the dyke was very satisfying. The South Downs way has a lot of beautiful bits to offer and is well worth revisiting.

Devils Dyke
Devils Dyke


wild flowers
Wild flowers


Lambs - aah

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