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Cuckmere Haven-East Sussex

This is a really beautiful spot. If you're ever down in or near Brighton it's definitely worth a look. Cuckmere Haven is past Seaford on the A259 before you get to Eastbourne. Seven Sisters Country Park is also close by.

The River Cuckmere wends it's pretty little way meandering out to the sea. From The Galleon pub you can just follow the river 'til it gets to the sea then hang a right and walk up towards Seaford Head. At the point where the river meets the sea you either have to be a good swimmer or an Olympic class long jumper to cross the river and head towards Eastbourne in the opposite direction. Alternatively, from the pub walk a bit further down over the bridge to the next car park on the right and follow the signs to the beach. Along the way you're likely to spot lots of sheep, wild ponies, cute little bunnies,water birds, and the odd bird of prey like Ospreys and Peregrines (not that I'd recognise these myself if they jumped out and pecked me!).

The small shingle beach is lovely and you get good views of the spectacular chalk cliff faces. You can walk along the cliff tops to Birling Gap (if you're feeling particularly energetic). According to the sign on the beach you can also walk along the shore to Birling Gap / Beach Head when the tide is falling (if you're feeling particularly brave) which apparently takes about 3 hours.

If you're one of those really serious walkers you can walk from Seaford Head to Birling gap, a distance of about 14 miles - apparently.

For me the walk from the pub to the cliffs was enough of a nice evening walk after a hard afternoon's playing on Brighton Pier. Beautiful sunset rounded off a lovely day out from London very nicely!

For more on the area visit
www.nationaltrails.gov.uk (link opens in new browser window).

photo river
River, Cuckmere Haven


photo, swans
Swans, Cuckmere Haven


photo cliffs
Cliffs, Cuckmere Haven

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