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What I like:

I enjoy a fairly wide range of music - most kinds really. Anything from the Joan Armatrading to Yothu Yindi (I can't think of any bands I like beginning with Z!). What I listen to mostly at the moment though is so called "world music" (mainly African), jazz, blues, soul and reggae. I can also be found miming and singing into my hair brush to the likes of the Indigo Girls and Alanis Morisette.

In this section you'll be able to check out a list of my favourite albums and compilation albums, the most embarrassing records in my collection, my favourite music sites on the web and gigs I've been to.

I love bass guitar and have played bass in a couple of bands.
As a youngster I had a huge thing for Suzi Quatro - maybe coz she's a bass player, even though I didn't take it up 'til much later in life. Every now and then I dust off her albums and singles and have a good ole reminisce.






Favourite albums:

Pearl Janis Joplin (1971) CBS
What a classic

Still Caught Up Millie Jackson (1972) Polydor
Another great album from the saucy, raunchy Millie

Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading (1976) A & M Records
The first time I saw her live I rushed out and got every album of hers I could lay my hands on. This is my favourite JA album

Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman (1988) Elektra
Doncha jus' love her

4.5 Indigo Girls (1995) Sony Music
Every track a goodun

African Breeze - 80's Masekela Hugh Masekela (1996) Music Collectors International
Wicked trumpet, deep gravely voice, tunes to make you get up 'n' dance (if you like that sort of thing)

Blues on The Bayou BB King (1998) MCA music
Mellow and bluesey - just what you'd expect from the main man

Post Orgasmic Chill Skunk Anansie (1999) Virgin Records
What can I say ? this album is fantastic

More Time Linton Kwesi Johnson LKJ Records Ltd
What a great poet - the man's a genius

A Good Day For The Blues Ruth Brown (1999) Bullseye Blues & Jazz
I'm typing away listening to this one which is brilliant, what a voice. 70 + and still belting out the tunes.



Favourite compilation albums :

Soweto Street Music (1988) Trax Music Ltd
Guaranteed to get me up and dancing

Blues Brother Soul Sister vols 1-3 (1993/94) Dino Entertainment
Does just what it says on the cover - 60 original soul and blues classics

World Music that speaks to the spirit (1997) Triloka records
Loads of great tracks on this. Conjures up happy, happy memories of my stay in Stoney Chute near the Border Ranges in NSW Australia, which is where I first heard it. Mellow, Spiritual, fab.

Africa (1999) Putamayo World Music
Like they say on the sleeve - "Guaranteed to make you feel good!". A portion of the proceeds from sales go to good causes. Visit their website www.putamayo.com



Most embarrassing records in my collection:

I'm sure at one time I bopped around to these along with the best of them, now I wonder why I ever liked them. Was 1978 a bad year for music or just my musical taste?!! Records that make me cringe to know I (still) own them...

Mirrors Sally Oldfield (1978) - I've pranced around the room to this one, Mmmn...

Too much heaven Bee Gees (1978) - oh dear ...

I love America Patrick Juvet (1978) - Patrick who?! I might actually get round to throwing this one out!

Daytrip to Bangor Fiddlers Dram (1979) - Put Bangor on the map and me in the zero street cred points zone

A little peace Nicole (1982) - Sad to say, in the right mood, I still have a bit of a soft spot for this past Eurovison song contest winner, but really - there just isn't enough vomit...



Favourite music sites on the web: (links open in new browser window)

(To hear music on these sites you'll need to have RealPlayer installed, download it for free at www.real.com if you don't already have it).

www.vitaminic.co.uk I've downloaded some good free music from the world music section. Easy to use site.

www.peoplesound.com Another site with a good world music section and free downloads. Most music genres catered for.

www.geocities.com/Broadway/5246/highlife.html A bit gaudy and tacky looking but plenty of the highlife music of Ghana to listen to

www.reggaesource.com Lots of artists listed, reviews, photographs and the chance to sample tracks off the artists' albums. (On a recent trip to Amsterdam I saw a great band called
Israel Vibration
that I hadn't come across before. It was great to be able to hear clips from their albums
at reggaesource.com).



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