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Spain Spring 2007

After a fabulous spring in Spain last year, I decided it was time to return for another beautiful spring flower fix.

As it happened, Lottsa Women Walking had a holiday organised in La Sierra de Aracena, a part of Spain I'd not yet visited.

Rumour had it that the flowers at this time of year were "absolutely awesome" so at the last minute I decided it had to be done.

Our first stop was Galaroza about an hour or so north west of Seville, and a short hop from the Portugese border.

This was our base for the next 3 nights. After resting on our arrival day, the next day we set off for a beautiful walk to Castano del Robledo.

After another wonderful evening of wining and dining at Alfonso's, we were all set for a walk from Galaroza to Valdelarco the following day.

This was our last night at Hostal Turibo so the next morning we packed up our stuff and thankfully had it ferried for us to our new home for the next few days.

While our stuff was being ferried, we were fortunate enough to get to do yet another fabulous walk from Galaroza to Alajar.

En route, we stopped off at a hermitage overlooking the village of Alajar for refreshments, the view and presents for the folks back home.

There was all manner of different flavours of honey available and it was hard to be restrained ... Fortunately, we were being met by Rosie so those who'd overdone it could dump their purchases in the car and get it ferried to Molino Rio Alajar about a Km from the village.

On all the walks we'd done so far the countryside was a riot of colour with tons of spring flowers carpeting the landscape. But for me, the flowers on our walks over the next few days were at their most impressive.

Once we'd settled in to our new accommodations weary but happy, our hosts Rosie and Ju cooked the first of several wonderful meals that really hit the spot.

Next day was a rest day. After a really late start, I wandered into the village and seemed to spend an awful lot of the day drinking beer in the village, with Helen, one of the other walkers ...

Eventually we managed to tear ourselves away and head back to base for a potter around Molino Rio, followed by another delicious evening meal and more beer.

After our rest day we were suitably refreshed and ready for a relatively long walk through miles and miles of stunning countryside. We had a picnic by a farm as we didn't really pass through any villages.

As if the previous day's treat was not enough, our walk the next day took us from Alajar to Linares and then on to the abandoned village of Madroñeros before returning to Molino Rio Alajar for our last night.

A morning flight home meant a very early start so got up at what felt like the middle of the night to catch the bus from Alajar to Seville.

Another fab holiday courtesy of Rosie and Ju of Lottsa Women Walking - www.lottsawomen.com (opens in new window).

I can't get enough of spring in Spain so sure I will return to join them for another trip some time.

More pics of this and other trips on my blog photography pages.




Click on a picture to enlarge it and get a short description of the place

Galaroza, La Sierra de Aracena


Castano del Robledo, Spain
Casteno del Robledo


Valderlarco, La Sierra de Aracena, Spain


Peonies, en route from Galaroza - Alajar, Spain
Galaroza - Alajar


Cork Oaks, Alajar, Spain
Molino Rio Alajar


Spring flowers, La Sierra de Aracena, Spain


Spring flowers, La Sierra de Aracena, Spain
Alajar - Linares


Madroneros, La Sierra de Aracena, Spain

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