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Spain Autumn 2006

I'd promised myself I was going to return to the area of Spain I'd visited in spring. So when a walking holiday came up in the autumn I jumped at the chance to take another much needed break.

A shortish flight into Malaga where myself and another walker were met by Rosie from lottsawomen walking (link opens in new browser window).

Our first 3 nights were spent at the fabulous Hotel Los Olivos (link opens in new browser window). I'd stayed there before and loved it, so it was great to return.

Dinner that evening was a chance to meet the other walkers and eat the first of many deliciously cooked meals at the hotel.

Next morning the weather was kinda foggy so the planned walk around the lower slopes of Mount Maroma needed a rethink.

Needless to say, the ever prepared Rosie had a plan B - another lower walk in the beautiful Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama.

The following day the weather was a bit brighter so after a hearty breakfast we set off for a walk from the hotel, back into the natural park over the hills and down into the village of Alcaucin.

After another lovely meal that evening and a good night's rest we woke to more fog and pelting rain.

Undeterred we headed off as planned, to the next hotel, Diva Espana (link opens in new browser window), across the valley in the hamlet of Mazmullar near the town of Comares.

On the way over to Comares we stopped off at the stunning El Torcal for a short walk. Afterwards we stopped off for lunch in Antequera and a wander round the town.

The rain didn't let up all day and just as we arrived at our new lodgings for the next few days, it started to chuck it down even more.

The normally dry river bed in the valley below was now a raging torrent of water. The wonderful view was completely obscured by low cloud but we were assured it was there.

We settled in after a warm friendly welcome from our hosts Kathy and Linda, and another wonderful meal.

Next day was a rest day. Good thing too as there was still no let up from the rain, and that wonderful view still wasn't visible. The prospect of a massage later on made the atrocious weather bearable.

Spent the day pottering around the hotel, reading, and then ... complete bliss on the massage table for the best part of two hours. Can't think of a more wonderful way to while away a rainy afternoon.

Day 3 in Mazmullar was like we were in a different country! Gone was the rain, still a bit of cloud but at last some sunshine and yes those wonderful views from the hotel we were promised at last materialised. We could see all the way over to Alcaucin where we'd previously been staying, and finally the top of Mount Maroma was out of the cloud.

Off we headed on a beautiful walk to the hill top town of Comares via the pretty little village of Los Ventorros.

The next day was even more beautiful than the one before. Bright sunshine and a cooling breeze - perfect for our final organised hike up to La mesa, a flat topped small mountain above Mazmullar

All too soon it was the final day of my stay. Still, my flight wasn't until the evening which meant I could fit in a walk beforehand.

Armed with a few possible routes from the hotel I set off on my tod, reassured that I couldn't really get lost ...

A one - two hour walk turned into something of a marathon but eventually I made it back to the hotel via Los Solano on the hill opposite the hotel.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful week. I can't recommend Lottsa Women Walking, Hotel Los Olivos and Diva Espana highly enough.

There's still plenty more to discover in the region, and it's a great location for a quick get away, so I'm sure I'll be back.

More pics of this and other trips on my blog photography pages.




Click on a picture to enlarge it and get a short description of the place

Pine forest, spain
Parque Natural


Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama, Spain
Parque Natural to Alcaucin


El Torcal, Spain
El Torcal


Antequera, Spain


Comares, Spain


Shop, Los Ventorros, Comares, Spain
Los Ventorros


La Mesa,  Comares, Spain
La Mesa


Mount Maroma from Los Solano, Spain
Los Solano

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