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Spain Spring 2006

I was well in need of a holiday by spring, so was glad to finally get it together and book something.

I fancied getting a bit of walking in so settled on what turned out to be a gem of a place - Los Olivos - a hotel for women near the village of Alcaucin, on the edge of Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda Almijara y Alhama.

The whole area was alive with the colours of spring wild flowers, surrounded by mountains and stunning views. The perfect place for a bit of rest, relaxation, fresh air, sunshine.

I arrived at the hotel late evening and after dumping my bags set off to explore the village about 1km down the hill from the hotel. Had a quick bite to eat and a couple of drinks and set off back up the hill to find the hotel -- a bit of a challenge for me in the dark with my sense of direction (or lack thereof) but got there eventually.

Woke up to a beautiful morning. Straight ahead, awesome views of Zaffaraya Pass from the terrace outside my room.

To my left (the west I checked on a map :) ), views of the village of Alcaucin and Lake Vinuela.

Behind me to the south, the Parque Natural where I was soon going to be spending a lot of time enjoying beautiful walks.

Later that day another guest arrived who was also into walking. So we kicked off the afternoon with an 8K walk to the Alcazar, in the Parque Natural. All around, stunning views of the lake, distant white hillside towns, and surrounding mountains.

The next day another 8K into the village of Alcaucin up through the Parque Natural. Truly stunning.

Having experienced beautiful sunsets every evening since my arrival, I decided it would be nice to see a sunrise.

I surprised myself by getting up early the next morning and walking up to the Parque Natural to the viewing point at Mirador Miguel Alvarez. I sat and watched the light go through all kinds of beautiful changes as the sun came up over the mountain making the surrounding countryside look even more stunning. Then it was back down to the hotel for brekky and an afternoon at the seaside in Torres del Mar.

A day trip to further afield was next on the agenda so another early start the next day. We got a lift down to Puentes don Manuel to hop the bus to Granada. Here we spent a few hours checking out views of the Alhambra from the Albaicin area on the hill opposite.

After a couple of days with not very much walking we decided we would try and tackle La Maroma, a mountain (or big hill depending on how hard core you are) in the Parque Natural.

On the penultimate day of my stay we decided to have another go at the mountain but again woke up to mist so decided to play safe again.

Instead we spent the day doing fantastic circular walk from Alcaucin to the hillside town of Espino, visible in the distance from the hotel terrace.

The week had flown by and all too soon the last day of my trip was upon me. One last trip up to the Parque Natural and the Alcazar. The village of Alcaucin was having a Romeria (festival) so we went up to watch the parade winding its way up the hill.

Then it was one last meal at the wonderful Carlos' in the village, and time to head to the airport for my flight home.

With all that fresh air and exercise I got back feeling really relaxed - just what I needed. And I can definitely recommend the comfort of the women only Hotel Los Olivos (link opens in new browser window) as a great place to get away from it all. Very easy holiday to do especially if you're a woman travelling alone.



Click on a picture to enlarge it and get a short description of the place

wild flowers, Spain
Wild Flowers


Zaffaraya Pass, Spain
Zaffaraya Pass




Torres del Mar, Spain
Torres del Mar


The Alhambra, Granada, Spain


The Albaicin, Granada, Spain
The Albaicin


Parque National Sierra de Tejeda, Spain
La Maroma


Espino and Saffaraya Pass, Spain


Romeria, Alcaucin

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