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Aguas Calientes

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Aguas Calientes, Peru

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Aguas Calientes – Hot springs, and civilisation after 4 days in what felt a bit like the wilderness (despite the hordes of other Inca trailers). I really liked Aguas Calientes despite it being something of a tourist trap with hiked up prices to match. One of the nicest things about getting here was the huge bottles of beer which went down great guns!
As ever there was loads to look at. Lots of stalls selling handicrafts, T shirts and all manner of other stuff. Lots of eateries. It was great just sitting, relaxing and watching the world and the trains go by and the river coursing through town.

Late in the afternoon we hopped on a train, to head back towards Cusco for a final night. We went as far as Ollantaytambo and then had a mad scramble to find our bus for our onward journey to Cusco. The train journey was very entertaining; with Peru Rail staff treating us to dancing and a tongue in cheek fashion show where the latest in top alpaca garments were modelled. We were treated to more stunning scenery as the train chugged its way through more beautiful countryside.

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