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Like most people I do enjoy going on holiday - I'm just not that good at getting the organising bit together. Once I've made the effort though I've had a pretty good time.

In this section you'll get a pics and snippets of info about some of the places I've been to up to 2007.

Assuming my wallet can stand it I'll continue to have holidays. For more recent interesting trips i'll post details and photos on my blog (in the "gadding about" category and the travel photography galleries).

I couldn't really describe myself as a "traveler" - too soft for all that roughing it and carrying a back pack around. I just don't know how to travel light!

In the last few years I've traveled to Ghana, Australia and New York.

Other cities / countries I've enjoyed and would like to revisit include Barcelona, Amsterdam (not just for the obvious reasons), Bangkok, Scotland.

One place I've been that I have absolutely no desire to return to is Grand Canaria where I had the holiday from hell - nuff said.

Also in this space for pics and stories of my trip to Sri Lanka in December 2000.

During October 2001 I had a fab, relaxing holiday in Andalucia, Spain. Wonderful scenery, quiet sandy beaches and vibrant cities.

2002 has proved to be the year of the city break. I had a very nice short trip to Rome in spring. Beautiful, romantic, good food and drink and oh yeah, - lots of Roman ruins.
More recently as there was no prospect of a longer holiday, I went to gay Paris for a few days - which did the trick for the meantime anyway ...

2003 has got off to a fine start. A trip to Ghana in February was great and despite it being relatively short we managed to see and do a fair bit.

Not too long after a fun time was had by all on a short visit to San Francisco.

Summer 2003 proved to be a hot one with temperatures hitting the upper 30 degrees Celsius fortunately the weather held out for a fantastic trip to Scotland and then another to Valencia, Spain.

A trip to New York was on the cards for spring 2004. Shopped til we dropped but managed to fit in a bit of culture as well.

Not long after I managed another short trip to Ghana, I expect that will be it now for a while.

2004 ended with a fantastic week or so in New Zealand, en route to visit a friend in Australia, with a couple of stopovers in Hong Kong and Singapore. It turned out to be a great year for travel ...

This time in 2004 I had my trip to NZ and Australia to look forward to. In 2005 I never really got my act together to organise a holiday so when a work trip to San Francisco came up I was very grateful ...

In 2006, another work trip across the pond meant I got to see the sights and sounds of Seattle. The work bit was hectic but fortunately there was also time for a bit exploring so I wasn't complaining-- well not too much anyway.

My next trip in spring 2006 was totally for pleasure. A wonderful week walking in Spain.

Not too long after getting back from Spain managed to squeeze in a sedately hedonistic long weekend in Amsterdam.

By autumn I was well ready for another break. As luck would have it a walking holiday back in Spain turned up at just the right time.

With Christmas looming, an impulse decision to get away from it all had me hooking up with friends for a lightening visit to Peru and Bolivia.

Felt like a long time since last holiday so thought I'd head off to La Sierra de Aracena for another short dose of Spain in Spring.

Remember, for the latest on my travel adventures including loads of photos, and other news check out my blog. So while away the time and have some vicarious enjoyment of my holiday experiences including Tokyo, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and more of Spain.

Click on a pic to see my trip

Amsterdam - clogs
Spain - Beach
Australia - koala
Australia 99
Rome - Roman Temple
Ghana 1999 - Kente cloth
Ghana '00
Paris - Eiffel Tower
New York - Statue of Liberty
New York 99
Ghana 2003 - palm trees
Sri Lanka - mask dancer
Sri Lanka
San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco 03
Thistle, Scotland
Valencia, Spain
New York Yellow Cab
New York 04
Palm trees, Saltpond Beach, Ghana
Ghana 04
Lake Rotoroa South Island New Zealand
New Zealand 04
Border Ranges, NSW, Australia
Australia 04
Signs, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Rattan baskets, Arab St., Singapore
Coit Tower San Francisco
San Francisco 05
Space Needle, Seattle Seattle 06
Spain Spring 06

Amsterdam 2006

House, Masmullar, Spain
Spain Autumn 06

Andean weaving
Isla del Sol,  Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Hermitage, Alajar, Spain
Spain Spring 07

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