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La Paz, Bolivia

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We arrived in La Paz early evening and were very glad to have booked into Hotel Rosario (link opens in new window) ahead of time (positively luxurious compared to other places we’d stayed). Once we settled in it was off to dinner at Yussef’s a great Lebanese restaurant very handily a short distance from the hotel.

La Paz is a busy, colourful and vibrant city and I really enjoyed my short time here. The only down side was the often choking traffic fumes (which combined with the altitude can make walking up hill more unpleasant than it needs to be), but it’s a great city to wander around.

The area around our hotel was just one big market selling almost every conceivable thing. From the Witches market with dried llama foetuses on sale (which apparently bring good luck if your starting up in business) to stalls and shops selling jewellery, handicrafts, clothing, flowers, fruit and veg, religious artefacts – you name it, it seemed to be on sale.

There’s also lots of really good eating to be had. As well as Lebanese we had a fantastic Cuban meal at La Bodeguita Cubana (links opens in new window), great steaks at El Arriero Argentinian restaurant. Breakfasts at the hotel were great and there are lots of nice snack bars including Pepe’s Coffee Bar.

We had hoped to take in some Afro Bolivian jazz at a place called Malegria (allegedly on Goitia 155) but the venue seemed to have disappeared. Undeterred we made our way to Thelonius Jazz Bar but were way too early for the live act and way too tired to wait up for it.

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