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Yumani, Isla Del Sol, Bolivia

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About an hour and a half by boat from Copacabana, in the middle of Lake Titicaca, lies the beautiful Isla Del Sol. It had been pouring down with rain all night but … we had our tour booked. Fortunately by the time we got down to the beach to board, the weather had started to clear – well over Copacabana at least. Now I’m no fan of storms, in fact let’s face it I’m terrified of them, and there was a big one right where we were headed. So I wasn’t best please to be leaving the sunny shores of town but decided now was a good time to confront my fears. As luck would have it, by the time we reached the north of the island at Cha’llapampa the storm had started to calm and the rain was subsiding so we got to see the beautiful views the island has to offer.

After a quick mooch round the museum, we walked to some Inca Ruins (which included a sacrificial stone where young girls were apparently occasionally sacrificed to the Gods in Inca Times). Some of our party then did the 3-4 hour hike (depending on who you talk to) from the ruins to Yumani on the south of the Island to meet up with the boat. The less game amongst us walked back to let the boat take the strain.

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