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Estretcho De Tiquina

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Rafts, Estrecho de Tiquina, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

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The port of Estrecho De Tiquina was en route to La Paz on our bus journey from Copacabana. The bus goes as far as it can by road til it gets to the Tiquina Strait a narrow stretch of water that separates massive Lake Titicaca from the relatively tiny lake next door, Lake Huyñaymarka.

We all piled off the bus leaving most of our belongings behind, passed through a small office to get our passports checked and then got onto a small passenger boat for the 10 min or so crossing. From the opposite shoreline we watched our bus being driven onto a wooden raft (that really didn’t seem up to the job) and kept our fingers crossed as the raft slowly chugged over.

It was good to get off the bus and stretch our legs. And pleasant to watch all the raft activity shuttling back and forth between the two sides of the lake. We were soon reunited with bus and belongings and continued our journey to La Paz so didn’t get too much time to explore the town.

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