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Vehicle blessing, Copacabana Cathedral, Bolivia

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Copacabana is a nice little town that’s easy to get around. Well I liked it anyway. Apart from the beach there are other places definitely worth a look. The Moorish style Cathedral in the main square deserves a visit for at least two reasons:

It’s beautiful inside and out, contains the Virgen De Candelaria statue carved by Inca Tupaq Yupanqui’s grandson (in the late 16th century so seriously old), and has a really interesting museum (ok so that’s 3 reasons already).

Best of all was the highly colourful and entertaining blessing of the automobiles. This takes place every day from late morning to early afternoon. People line up their vehicles and make offerings to the Virgin for safe travels. These offerings are largely alcohol related and while a lot of the alcohol gets poured over the engines quite a bit of it makes its way down the throats of the vehicle owners as far as I could tell.

As well as the area round the cathedral there’s several nice restaurants and snack bars, handicraft shops, market, and if you’ve got the energy for an uphill hike, there’s always the Cerro Calvario for seriously wicked views of the sun setting over Lake Titicaca. … (well I just have to imagine that last bit as the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak and I never managed to be arsed to make the climb)

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