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After a pretty frenetic week in Peru we hopped on a bus and crossed over the border for a week’s chill time in Bolivia.

At the risk of sounding like I have a very limited vocabulary, the scenery en route was beyond awesome. Driving across plateaus surrounded by mountains, beautiful farmland, small towns and villages.

Despite all the dire warnings in the guide books and on the Internet, border crossing was uneventful. No border officials tried to relieve us of our dollars by claiming they were fake and had to be confiscated, we didn’t come across any bandits, and our luggage arrived in tact.

First stop Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We arrived just before dark and hunted around for somewhere to stay for the next few days. Our first choice, Hotel Cupula was booked up, as was our second choice Hotel Gloria … We settled for the very grand looking Hotel Mirador overlooking the lake, then went in search of dinner.

Pretty knackered from the bus journey and hotel search we were very pleased to find the Leyenda Bar and Restaurant across the road had a very acceptable menu. After a rather delicious steak, returned replete to hotel and crashed out.

Next morning it was time to do the hotel hunt again. Mirador’s “hot showers 24 hours” proved to be disappointingly well … freezing. The staff completely indifferent to our complaints. It was time to move on. Hotels La Cúpula and Gloria still jammed to the rafters we plumped for Hotel Utama (next door to La Cúpula). Clean rooms, friendly staff and passed the hot shower test, so was going to be home for the next few days.

Once we’d settled in, we had a delicious and hearty breakfast at La Cúpula hotel then went off to explore Copacabana town for a bit.

We were in serious need of some Bolivianos so went off in search of the bank only to find we couldn’t actually exchange our dollars. Eventually found a money changing outlet (which doubled up as a shop), got Boliviano’d up and promptly handed a load of Bolivianos back in exchange for T-shirts and other assorted colourful handicrafts.

Who knows where the day went but soon evening was upon us again so it was back to La Cúpula for dinner and to watch the beautiful sunset over the lake.

Next day we got up late and headed off to take a much closer look at Copacabana Beach checking out the Bolivia side of Lake Titicaca (which is huge – it was more like being by the seaside). After a lovely long walk it was back into town for a fantastic lunch of Pejerrey (another fish from the lake) at Snack 6 de Augosto. In the evening it was back to La Cúpula for dinner and another beautiful sunset.

The following day was Christmas day and we had a boat tour to the beautiful Isla Del Sol booked so it was a bit of an early start.

A Boxing Day walk is pretty traditional so we decided to start the walk from Copacabana to Yampupata (a 6-8 hour round trip) and see how far we got.

After 4 fantastically chilled days in Copacabana it was time to move on again. We got on an afternoon bus for the 4-5 hour drive to our next destination. En route we all had to get off the bus when the road ran out at Estrecho De Tiquina and get on a boat across the lake before continuing on to La Paz. Here I’d be spending my last few days before returning home.

The Coca Museum in the city was really interesting and informative.

My last day in Bolivia we hired a taxi for a couple of hours and went off in search of the Valle De La Luna (Valley of the Moon).

Ended the day with yet another great meal, this time and Argentinean restaurant the served up the hugest steaks I’ve seen anywhere and had an amazing salad bar. We finished up with drinks back at our hotel. I had a very early start so said goodbye to my mates sorry I wasn’t staying to enjoy the rest of their South America adventure with them (jammy buggers still had another 2 months travelling to look forward to).

My journey home was a long one which included 10 hours in transit at Lima airport (once you’ve covered every inch of the four shops with a fine tooth comb there is bugger all to do in the transit lounge so it was a very long 10 hours).

It was great to have the opportunity to visit Bolivia. I had a fantastic time. It’s not somewhere I’d have thought of visiting had it not been for hooking up with my friends. A great way to escape the Christmas madness, and a really interesting, vibrant place.

More pictures of this trip in the Bolivia Gallery on my blog.



Click on a picture to enlarge it and get a short description of the place

Vehicle blessing, Copacabana Cathedral, Bolivia


Copacabana beach, Bolivia
Copacabana Beach


Yumani, Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Isla Del Sol


View of Lake Titicaca between Copacabana and Yampupata, Bolivia


Rafts, Estrecho de Tiquina, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Estrecho De Tiquina


La Paz, Bolivia
La Paz


Coca Muesum, La Paz, Bolivia
Coca Museum


Valle De La Luna, Bolivia
Valle De La Luna


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