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Well here's the stuff which is meant to keep you coming back for more. In this section, as the title suggests you'll find stuff to play with. Most of it made by other people I have to admit. Generous people, like the ones at loonyverse.com who give away stuff for free, so people like me who aren't half as skilled at programming can put it on our sites. So, big thanks to them. All games will launch in a new browser window close the window to return to this page.

Why not have a go at my lottery game Numbachoosa (one a game I did create myself)

Perhaps you want some intellectual stimulation (- there's precious little of it elsewhere on this site!). If so try a game (clicking on a link will open games in a new browser window). For Pegs you'll need Internet Explorer version 4 or higher and for Checkers Netscape version 3 or higher).

To get started with with pegs, click on a piece then click where you want to move it. Similarly with checkers, click on a red piece then click where you want the piece to move.

If you're feeling a bit more energetic you might want to play a game of basketball or breakout.
To play basketball use the mouse to click on the ball, drag and release the mouse and if you're really good you'll get the ball in the basket - just like the real thing. Don't worry if the ball moves off the screen, it will come back ...eventually.
To play breakout move your mouse from left to right to move the paddle - no clicking necessary ( - you do have a mouse don't you?)

Whatever you decide to play, I hope you'll have fun - I did. I will continue my quest for new and exciting games to have here. Now I've got even more things to distract me and keep me chained to my pc.

Go on play a game!






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