Travels in the United States

Round the world in 18 days

Shortly after Jersey another work trip took me to Brisbane and Sydney Australia followed by San Francisco, with a stopover in Bangkok en route staying at the Luxx hotel Silom. Gruelling trip and I came down with some ‘orrible lurgy so wasn’t able to make the most of it. Also disappointing not to be able to catch up with my mate who lives in Oz as she was still in […]

New Orleans

Off again across the pond to New Orleans on another shortish work trip. Fortunately it wasn’t all work and no play and there was a chance to see a bit of the city. Fabulous place though parts of the city still devastated from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Bourbon Street though noisy tacky and vibrant I still found myself gravitating towards in the evenings and had some good nights out. […]


So I’m in Orlando Florida for a conference. Now it’s all over and I have a bit of spare time on my hands only to discover that if you’re not into Disneyworld or any of its offshoots, besides shopping, there ain’t a lot else to do that doesn’t involve a wallet bashing cab ride (according to the hotel Concierge anyway – and she reckoned it wasn’t worth the trip – […]

More culcha then home

Another late start yesterday and a final bit of sightseeing before the flight home. Headed back down town and checked out the Capitol Building. And the excellent Botanic Gardens close by. Then it was back to Adams Morgan and a return visit to the fantastic New Orleans café for a late lunch. Later caught up with colleagues who’d been doing the sightseeing and perused photos of things I hadn’t had […]

Bit of culcha mate

A couple more free days before returning home so packed in a bit of sight seeing after a late start. After a lovely warm start to the week today it has been snowing and very cold but managed to motivate myself to pound the streets mostly on foot. After being cooped up indoors for most of the last few days it was good to get out and about and stretch […]

Food and sport

Last few days was kind of tied up with work but managed to get out for some fantastic food in the Adams Morgan area of town which near where we’re staying. Really cool area and over the course of the week I’ve visited most evenings for dinner, sampling delicious Ethiopian, New Orleans and Ghanaian fayre. Earlier in the week also managed to hook up with a cousin I hadn’t seen […]


Beautiful warm sunny day in DC temp must be in the mid 70’s. My first full free day before work kicks in so decided to hit the shops. The metro was pretty straightforward to navigate and got a great deal of use out of my $6.50 day pass. The Mall at Pentagon City was somewhat overwhelming but managed to find a couple of bargains at Macy’s. At some point found […]

Golden Gate

The sun finally broke out today so took the opportunity to visit Golden Gate Bridge and walk the Coastal Trail to Ocean Beach. Fabulous views of the bridge and the ocean along the way. With the rain and storms of the previous couple of days the HUGE waves crashing thunderously on Baker Beach were very impressive. As were the equally huge and opulent dwellings around Baker Beach and China Beach. […]

Vive San Francisco

Loving it here, San Francisco is a great city – well mostly anyway. This is my third visit, the last trip around this time last year. I’m thinking I might just have to scam a way of living / working here for a bit or something. Any offers? For the first couple of hours or so after settling into hotel I was pretty convinced all the buildings were moving and […]