Travels in Peru


Getting well into the flow of being back but still feeling pretty damn chilled actually which is very nice. In between a work, a few days in Birmingham, crap telly, and day dreaming about my trip I’ve posted up more stuff about what I got up to while I was in Peru and Bolivia. Pretty glad not to have come across one of these in the flesh while on my […]

I survived the Inca Trail

Well we made it. There were many times when I thought I wouldn´t. 4 day trek up to Machu Picchu was hard work to say the least but now it´s behind me it was definitely worth it. Just chilling out now in Agua Callientes waiting for train and bus back to Cusco, civilisation and a nice long shower…

Lima Airport

Have now left the grey drizzle of San Francisco behind. After a 4 am start arrived in Lima Peru via Houston. Got to travel first class on the Houston to Lima stretch which was very nice indeed. Shame not to get upgraded more often … Got 6 hours or so to kill at Lima airport before flight to Cuzco. Arrived bleary eyed and not exactly with it. The ground beneath […]