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Otago Peninsular

Well, had a lovely time in Moeraki. Got some more Yellow Eyed penguin action at even closer quarters than I was able to get at Oamaru. If you look carefully you can see them hanging out next to the seals. Met a great guy – semi pro photographer from Holland called Bjorn (yes I know – we had a wee giggle about it too), who gave me some hot tips […]

p p p pick a pp penguin and getting my rocks off! 4

Safely arrived at Moeraki en route to Dunedin after long, long drive from Kaikoura. They’ve got penguins coming out of your ears here. Went to see blue eyed penguins at Oamaru come ashore last night. They are soooooooo cuuuute. They are the world’s smallest penguins a mere 30cm in height and only 1Kg fully grown. Bloody freezing so didn’t hang around to see all 400 hundred come home. Unfortunately no […]

The seagulls flew off with my lunch!! 2

Stomach just feeling settled enough to eat a carefully prepared (and well remembered) sandwich after post-whale-watch nausea. Got sarnie out of me bag and was holding in me mouth while zipping back up (so hadn’t even had a proper bite yet) – Suddenly out of nowhere seagulls and assorted mates attacked me from behind and quick as you like the fuckers swooped off with me lunch! Couldn’t believe it – […]

Whale Watch 2

Can’t believe how lucky I’ve been this trip. Woke up this morning and skies were relatively clear so it was all on for the whale watch. Feeling a little queasy having just returned from a very fruitful couple of hours marine life spotting. Saw 3 male Sperm Whales (Big Nick, Little Nick and Rua- which is Maori for 2 as he has 2 nicks). You’ll have to make do with […]

Kaikoura 2

Had a fab time in Wellington. Was very well looked after by H and D who I met on my last visit to NZ. Ferry crossing was very windy but otherwise ok. Don’t think I will ever tire of the view on the approach to Picton. From Picton a lovely drive into Kaikoura and campsite at Peketa Beach about 7Km outside of town. Camp site is right on the beach […]

Taupo to Wellington and the Desert Road… 3

Had a bit of a lie in yesterday morning – didn’t get up til 7.45! Decided to treat myself to not making my own breakfast so had a hearty one and set off for a morning walk up Mount Tauhara about 5 mins drive away from where I was staying. Thought it might be a good idea to stretch me legs before the long, long drive to Wellington. The young […]

Sky dive 2

So second post of the day but just so excited I couldn’t wait. Mooched around Napier and got to Taupo sooner than expected. On the offchance asked about a sky dive and was fortunate enough to get in on the last one of the day. On board with me were Margaret from Cork not far off pension age, very nervous but very game (despite the nerves had opted for the […]


Arrived in sunny Napier last night after a wonderful treat of a day getting here from Gisborne. What a fantastic drive. Stopped off and spent the afternoon mooching round beautiful Mahia Peninsular about 45 mins out of Gisborne. Got held up by sheep along the way but didn’t mind a single bit. Mahia is a truly wonderful place. Beaches to suit all sorts coming out of your ears… Spent some […]

East Cape 3

Well the last few days have been absolutely wonderful. A lot of driving but all of it completely awesome. Am currently in Mahia about to have a bit of a rummage round the peninsular – like what I’m seeing so far. Internet access here, dial up (and expensive) so will have to wait til I get to Napier or Wellington to post pics. Hotwater beach was pissing down with rain […]

And the rain it came… 7

Well today is definitely a wet playtime day. Has been pissing down since shortly after my last post. Windy too. Apparently this is what passes for sunshine and showers round here. Still every cloud and all that … means I don’t mind being indoors and on the net. Now have all required gadgetry to post pics I should have posted yesterday: Sunset from night before last Bits of yesterday’s lovely […]