Travels in Bolivia


Getting well into the flow of being back but still feeling pretty damn chilled actually which is very nice. In between a work, a few days in Birmingham, crap telly, and day dreaming about my trip I’ve posted up more stuff about what I got up to while I was […]

Homeward Bound

After a few days discovering the delights of La Paz, returning home tomorrow (though not actually arriving til day after). My mini sojourns to San Francisco, Peru and Bolivia have been great but all too brief. However, on the plus side, it will be nice reacquainting myself with familiar things, […]

Isla Del Sol

Spent most of the day on a boat on Lake Titicaca visiting the beautiful Isla del Sol. Wimped out of the walk from north to south of the island and opted to get back on the boat instead. Rounded off the day with a delicious meal watching the sun set […]


Left Puno, Peru yesterday after visiting the floating islands. Then 4 hour bus journey into Bolivia. Spending a few days in Copacabana hopefully fitting in a trip to Isla Del Sol before heading off to La Paz. So far really enjoying Copacabana so off for another mooch around town. Looking […]