Because I’m too lazy …

Dogs and clouds…

During recent meanderings around the web checking out various photo galleries I came across the bizarre and the stunning… Here’s just a little sample… Click on the pictures to see more.

Beautiful sunny morning 2

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning which inspired me to take a walk and some more photos, then come back home and start a new collection of photos on the seasons. Looking forward to having guests for Sunday lunch tomorrow and us all catching up with Deb on Skype. She’s got a dongle now you know which is a rare and wonderful thing in the rural land of the […]


Winter has well and truly arrived over the last few weeks. So into hibernation mode. Fortunately plenty to keep one entertained indoors so I’ve been getting into rewatching the wire – AKA the best cop series that’s EVER been on TV. Here’s a sampler from the first series in case you’ve not yet had the pleasure: Plenty more clips on YouTube. However, much as I love The Wire, I’d much […]

I’ve been missing the point of this blogging thing lately…

Well it’s been a mighty long time since I last blogged just seem to have got out of the habit. Or perhaps not much interesting enough has happened or… maybe I’ve been so busy getting out there having fun I just haven’t got round to it. Still now winter and the long dark nights have well and truly arrived, perhaps I will do better. I was starting to believe it […]

Home improvements anyone?

Been doing some long awaited home improvements over the last couple of weeks. Why does everything take 3 times as long as you think it’s going to? A word to the wise… expected the unexpected and be in for the long haul. Sure it will look lovely when it’s finished… In the mean time just about managing to resist the urge to pull out the remains of my rapidly thinning […]

Boo Hoo

Ok so the women’s World Cup Final is over 🙁 . Worse than that the wrong team won (sorry Germany but you’ve won it loads of times already). Good match though and it has to be said Germany were very disciplined at the back and didn’t give Brazil’s strikers any room. Better luck next time Marta and co. Brazil your hour will come …

Women’s footy world cup – semi final…

As an ex footy player meself (ahem) I was glued to the matches I could get on my not quite satellite or cable but slightly better than terrestrial TV. What a great tournament the Women’s Football World Cup has turned out to be. A shame it hasn’t had more main stream coverage. Brazil vs USA semi final was a classic game marred only by the nonsense that was Hope Solo’s […]


You could be forgiven for thinking I’m a half hearted slug of a blogger. It has been a long time since my last post it’s true. It’s not that nothing’s been happening. Au contraire I’ve been busy … In between troubleshooting and sorting out problems with the site, have been out and about catching up with friends and family but … Most of all have been (obsessively(?)) planning my next […]


Weather forecasting is a lot more reliable these days and sure enough as predicted woke this morning to find enough snow had fallen to create the usual transport chaos and quite a few snow people. Very pretty it was too (the snow not the transport chaos). We don’t often get significant snow in London these days (seem to remember it happened a lot more often when I was a child) […]

Sarah Jane Morris

It’s been ages since I’ve been to see any live music, so the happy coincidence of a mate I hadn’t seen in ages coming up to stay for the weekend. and Sarah Jane Morris being in town provided the perfect excuse for a night out. Sarah Jane Morris is bloody brilliant! Beautiful rich, soulful, bluesy voice that’s pure joy to listen to. Whether she’s doing her interpretation of other people’s […]