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Happy International Women’s Day…

…To all of you women out there. The spirit was very willing, but sadly the flesh very weak. Despite all my good intentions, I didn’t make it to the Million Women Rise march. Fortunately many other women did represent and march for a good cause – an end to violence against women and girls. Instead, I got to spend a lovely day relaxing with my favourite international woman. Speaking of […]

An evening of poetry

Not something I would normally go to, poetry. However, as this English Pen Inspirations event involved the fabulous Patience Agbabi and the most excellent dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, it was definitely worth a punt. I was not disappointed. I could listen to both of them recite poetry all day. Their voices and rhythms are so lyrical and intoxicating. The event was in support of English PEN, a world wide […]

How To Be Immortal 2

This excellent play (mainly) tells the story of Henrietta Lacks and explores ethical issues around the use and ownership of human body tissue. The play by Penny Dreadful is based on the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman developed a tumour in the 1950’s. Her cells have been cultured in laboratories ever since, greatly contributing to scientific knowledge of cancer […]

12 Years A Slave 4

Went to see this brilliant though hard to watch film at the weekend. Director Steve McQueen does a fantastic job of telling the story of Solomon Northup a free black man who was tricked, kidnapped and taken into slavery. Like many others I left the cinema feeling shell shocked. The pace of the film is slow enough to give time for the viewer to take in the reality of the […]

Hackney Museum

Payed a visit to Hackney Museum cos I’d heard a rumour about a fantastic bit of knitting… Not that I’m particularly into knitting, but this was knitting with a difference and I do like models… The project, “knitting the common” involved several dedicated people putting together a scale model of their local common, and represent the common over 4 seasons. The detail is unbelievable – even down to knitted figures […]

Stoke Newington Common in winter

Blue is the warmest colour

2nd film in less than a week, I’m on a roll here. You don’t spot a decent film for ages then 3 come along at once…                         Blue is the warmest colour is French, and very, very, loooong (- 3hr and 7 minutes to be precise). Girl (Adèle) meets girl with blue hair (Emma), falls in love. All ends […]

Sea and sky

Philomena and Joanna’s

Philomena starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan is a great, and moving film about a woman searching for her son she was forced to give up as a teenager. Thoroughly recommend it. The Catholic church has a lot to answer for…Nuff said… On a slightly (let’s face it completely) tangential note another thing to thoroughly recommend is Joanna’s Restaurant in London’s Crystal Palace. Great place for a Sunday roast and […]

Muntu, Manu, and Courtney

Went to a fantastic gig at the Barbican last night. A low key celebration of Manu Dibango’s 80th birthday (only low key coz he didn’t want to make a fuss…). Fellow Cameroonian Muntu Valdo was the support for the evening and entertained with his amazing live loop effects, making one man on his own sound like a full band. Next up the main man Manu himself strolled on stage and […]

23rd LLGFF

Well the 23rd London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival was another real treat. As much for the social occasion that it was as the actual films. Favourite films for me were: Milk – story of the murdered inspirationsl Gay activist Harvey Milk; Dreams Deferred – The Saskia Gunn Film Project – moving documentary of a young woman murdered because of her sexuality; Society a soap centred around 6 women in […]