Brighton Festival

Had a lovely weekend in / around Brighton during which we checked out a couple of great acts at the festival, went for a lovely walk at Castle Hill Reserve on the South Downs and visited a great artist open house whilst indulging myself with the best flapjack I’ve ever tasted accompanied by a lovely cuppa, courtesy of Connie’s Kitzchen. The orchids and other wildflowers were out at the reserve, […]

Sustainable Garden

Philomena and Joanna’s

Philomena starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan is a great, and moving film about a woman searching for her son she was forced to give up as a teenager. Thoroughly recommend it. The Catholic church has a lot to answer for…Nuff said… On a slightly (let’s face it completely) tangential note another thing to thoroughly recommend is Joanna’s Restaurant in London’s Crystal Palace. Great place for a Sunday roast and […]

A lovely walk along the peninsula 3

Woke to a gorgeous morning and as we’ve been kinda sluggish for the last few days, decided it was time to start walking off all those ice creams, cooked breakfasts, hearty dinners and late night chocolate munching. Fantastic day for it and we set off with good intentions. Our first mistake (OK I’ll own it, *my* first mistake) was to stop off at Global Fusion just to “have a look” […]

Wonderful Wanaka via Queenstown, Bob’s Cove Walk and the Crown Range 4

Well needless to say, we didn’t get round to walking that bit of the Kepler Track we promised ourselves a couple of days ago… Simply ran out of time after the amazing Doubtful Sound cruise. Instead went into town for internet, dinner, and more ice cream and promised ourselves faithfully we’d make up for the lack of physical activity the following day. So set off mid morning for the longish […]

A Rollocking Good Railway Ride 2

Early night last night as we had an early start this morning. Did manage to make time for a “bar snack” in the pub before getting some shut eye for the night though. Ordered what we thought was a bowl of soup – what arrived was more akin to a large bucket of beautifully presented pumpkin and ginger soup. A tad on the sweet side but hit the spot and […]

Magical Moeraki

So woke in Moeraki to another marvellous view. Nice to have a bit of a lie in this morning. Only a short drive to Otago today. But first… breakfast at the fabulous Fleurs Place. Every bit as good as I remembered it. Fleur was in and since my last visit almost 5 years ago to the day had written a couple of books – a memoir and a recipe book. […]

Food and sport

Last few days was kind of tied up with work but managed to get out for some fantastic food in the Adams Morgan area of town which near where we’re staying. Really cool area and over the course of the week I’ve visited most evenings for dinner, sampling delicious Ethiopian, New Orleans and Ghanaian fayre. Earlier in the week also managed to hook up with a cousin I hadn’t seen […]