Cheddar Gorge view showing valley and resevoir

End of a Fallow Period?

After an almost 3 year blogging fallow period I’m back on the case. 2020 has been the wierdest of years – we all know why. Herein lies an opportunity. With nowhere to go, in theory I have more time on my hands for blogging – Let’s see what happens…

I’m inspired to dream about the prospect of travel when this whole sorry mess eventually ends. So I’m dusting off the maps despite the uncertainty around when vague plans have a cat’s chance in hell of coming to fruition.

Whatever it takes to stay even a little bit sane. In the meantime it’s been good to discover the beauty on my doorstep. Like for many, our plans for foreign travel this year were completely blown – but hey, worse things happen at sea…

Right before this latest lockdown (AKA Lockdown 2) we managed to get in a few days camping at this great site in Derbyshire’s Peak District. The countryside was stunning and we got in some fantastic walks as well as meeting some lovely peeps and scary looking farm animals…


‘Beefy’ the sheep

He was like something out of the film Black Sheep – a hiliarious Kiwi comedy horror.

A couple of weeks before, we also managed to get away to Somerset, camp near the beautiful Cheddar Gorge, discover the delights of Clevedon and its pier, and catch up with friends.

Cheddar Gorge view showing valley and resevoir

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

It would be churlish to complain though we definitely missed getting over to Spain for our regular stay and walking around Casa Granadina. Maybe next year…

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