Feeding the eels


Long, long journey to get here but get here we did. Had a fabulous time in Wellington enjoying catching up with dear old friends being a major highlight of this first 5 night leg of our trip.

Took things slowly the first morning (– not that we had much of a choice on account of being totally knackered by the journey n all that). Sorted out some practical stuff then headed to the waterfront and the most excellent Te Papa Museum. This must-do-Wellington-attraction could keep adults and children fully occupied for days if you let it… Excellent for Maori history and culture and loads of other stuff as well as the permanent exhibitions.

Followed this with a lovely walk heart pumping walk up Mt Vic for awesome city views before hooking up with aforementioned dear friends for a great night in with chat, lovely food, and helpful advice on our travel plans.

Mount Victoria

The rest of our stay in Wellington featured…

… A day trip up the Kapiti Coast on the train, brunch in Paekakariki before checking out the beach and walks in Queen Elizabeth Park. Headed back to Wellington via a stop at Pukerua for views of Kapiti Island. Walking the recently opened Escarpment Track between “Paekak” and Pukera Bay felt like a mission too far on this occasion so just checked out the beginning and the end, and gave the difficult bit in the middle bit a swerve – some other time perhaps…

Paekakarikit town


Escarpment Track sign

An overnight stay with a friend in Greytown for more good chat and delicious food after visiting a few wineries in Martinborough. Next day visit to Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre to see the white Kiwi (as in bird) – unfortunately poorly and at the vets (so despite all our patient peering we were never going to see it). All was not lost though as there was plenty of other stuff to see including brown Kiwi, feeding the eels – fascinating creatures – apparently live for as much as 75 years, migrate all the way to Tonga to breed and don’t eat at all for the 9 week journey.

Feeding the eels

Early start for our last day in (very windy) Wellington to catch the Northern Explorer train for a scenic ride up to Auckland to pick up our campervan and home for most of the next 3 weeks.

Northern Explorer train

One of many stunning views from the train journey…

Scenic view of field, river and and gorge
Though sad to to have left behind friends in Wellington very excited about the next stage of our trip.

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