Hunt for the Wilderpeople

The delightful film Hunt for the Wilderpeople had me in stitches much of the way through. And wishing the 3 months to my next visit to one of my favourite travel destinations in the world so far, will pass quickly (- and the time there pass lingeringly of course).

Julian Dennison puts in a stellar performance as Ricky, the young wayward lad who shares his adventure in the New Zealand bush with the fractious Uncle Hec, played by Sam Neill.

Wild Pork and Watercress, the book on which the film is based is a real page turner too. Author Barry Crump seems like an interesting guy though reportedly a bit of a violent bastard.

Set in the Urewera region of New Zealand’s North Island, the story had me thinking back nostalgically to the short but wonderful time me and a mate spent in Te Urewera National Park on the shores of Lake Waikaremoana on my last NZ trip.

Got a copy of Crump’s first book  A Good Keen Man (- a fictionalised account of his adventures in the bush) on order and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’d also be very interested to read In Salting the Gravy: A Tale of a 12 Year Marriage to Barry Crump by Robin Lee-Robinson  Crump’s fourth wife.

Anyway, back to the film. I really enjoyed it – check out the trailer for this and director Taika Waititi’s  other hilarious and most excellent film, Boy and see them both!



Also looking forward to checking out some of actor Julian Dennison’s other films.

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