Kamping in Kessingland…

…A much needed long weekend and an excuse for a campervan getaway to Kessingland in Suffolk. Never heard of the place before this trip but have enjoyed stays in the general area before. Predictably for a public holiday weekend the weather forecast was shite, and predictably for a public holiday weekend, the forecast for shite weather was accurate.

We arrived at the campsite a couple of hours before Africa Alive, the conservation zoo next door closed for the day. It was perfect weather for a zoo-like experience – i.e. grey, drizzly and kinda cold. Still, some of the hardier creatures were out and about. Most of the sensible ones were indoors… An interesting experience nonetheless and a good way to while away a couple of hours – could have done with longer even.

All creatures small…


Lemur, Africa Alive, Kessingland, Suffolk

and great were evident…

Giraffe, Africa Alive, Kessingland, Suffolk

Dozing lion, Africa Alive, Kessingland, Suffolk

The following day shone brighter so we made the best of it, heading over to Walberswick and Dunwich for a beautiful circular walk. Which we attempted to do the opposite way round to the instructions and starting at the end point rather than the beginning. A big challenge for folk as directionally challenged as we… something of a complete head fuck. We almost got it right but it turned out slightly differently (and longer) than planned… Aside from the van picking up another battle scar following an altercation with the narrow metal bridge at Walberswick, a lovely day was had by all.

Birch trees

Old windmill, Walberswick, Suffolk

Reflecting bird, Dunwich, Suffolk

Day 3 the weather returned to wet and windy so the plan was to stay close to camp. A stroll down to the local beach and a walk amongst the dunes to the next town, Pakefield, with the wind at our backs. The walk back with the wind at our front and an unrequested facial scrub as the sand blasted us (and everyone else on the beach walking in the same direction) mercilessly. Thankfully there was a nice warm pub back in Kessingland…

Sand dunes, Kessingland beach, Suffolk

Next morning was our last, and we set off back to the big smoke via the very pretty town of Aldeburgh, sampled the excellent chips, Maggi Hambling (apparently controversial) stainless steel Scallop sculpture on the beach (much more impressive in real life than any photo), a bit of local art, a walk around the nature reserve, and general seaside town vibe. Exceeded my expectations and mostly the rain held off with the wind calmer.

Brightly painted houses, Aldeburgh, Suffolk


Maggi Hambling, scallop sculpture


Aldeburgh museum

Looking forward to returning to elsewhere in Suffolk when the weather’s warmer…

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