Cycle Revolution

Very pleased to report that my favourite cycle shop exceeded its crowd funding target so now stands a great chance of staying open and remaining in the area. That’s good news for cycling, but not such good news for Jim’s big ginger beard…

In a completely unrelated coincidence London’s Design Museum is currently showing Cycle Revolution,  an exhibition on cycles and cycling. I was completely absorbed and easily whiled away a good couple of hours checking out bikes of shapes designed for performance, urban, thrill seeking, or transporting stuff around. A fabulous exhibition whether you’re coming at it from a cyclist view point (like me) or just appreciate great design, or both. As well as the multitude of bikes on display, loads of great short films, insights into bike building, talks, workshops… I don’t consider myself a cycling anorak by any stretch – there’s definitely something here for everyone.


bicycles on display at cycle revolution exhibition


Cycling has been a pretty windy affair here lately, wonder if this bike / helmet would have helped shave some time off my daily commute…

Performance cycle

performance cycle helmet

Moser road bike which broke the 1 hour record



Remember the good ole chopper?

Chopper bicycle


Rover safety bicycle


Downright quirky:

"A" frame bicycle

the half bike

The half bike

bicycle large wheel at the back, small wheel at the front

bicycle tht looks more like a pair of shears


Folding feats of engineering…

early folding bicycle

Brompton cyle folde down

The spaghetti that is a folded Brompton!

Custom bikes:

custom cycle with drop bars and huge chain ring

Royce 104 chain ring


And bicycles made of wood and even bamboo – for the ultimate in sustainability

wooden bicycle

bamboo frame bicycle

I finally managed to tear myself away for a nice ride home and caught this view of the Shard piercing the night time mist.

London's Shard skyscraper at night

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