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…Free music…

One of the things I love about a typical fickle British summer is the amount of superb free music that can be found without too much looking. The Horniman Museum and Gardens is one such fabulous venue and provides lots of other stuff to occupy, including the nearby lovely Sydenham Hill Woods, which form part of London’s Green Chain Walk.

I digress. I’ve spoken of the fantastic Congolese band Kasai Masai here before. Guaranteed to get everyone up and moving on what was an especially gorgeous hot summer’s day.


Band, Kasai Masai

Kasai Masai front man  Nickens Nkoso as usual mesmerised the crowd with his unique brand of child-friendly twerking – African stylee.

Kasai Masai's, Nickens Nkoso dancing


Kasai Masai's, Nickens Nkoso dancing

The kids were happy, the adults were happy… hell, even I was happy… at least until I foolishly tried to keep up with  a 3 or 4 year old  energetically jumping up and down to the beat in the way that only small children can, (and that full grown adults like my good self should know better than to try and emulate). My bones definitely weren’t happy a couple of hours later.

Still, the ensuing pain was all worth it for a great day experiencing some of London’s wonderful green space, the awesome music, and the vibrant colour of the Horniman Gardens.

summer meadow flowers

Oh, and if you’re quick, there’s still time to catch a Kasai Masai gig this summer!



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