Festival crowd

The country comes to town

London’s Brixton gets some occasional bad press mainly because of past riots. However, it’s a great part of town and once a year comes the weekend long Lambeth Country Show. An opportunity to hear great music, lie about in the sunshine, quaff gallons of highly potent Chucklehead cider, watch a sheep shearing show and much more… all for free!

Festival crowd

Last year the headline act Aswad got totally rained off… a truly torrential downpour complete with dangerous looking lightning bolts, and more water than you can shake a divining stick at.

For Lambeth Country Show 2015 day 1 there were some fantastic acts including Asian Dub Foundation…


Asian Dub Foundation

… and Atlantic Soul Orchestra on the main stage.


Atlantic Soul Orchestra

On day 2 the acts on the smaller village green stage also represented fine style.

The Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana got the crowd up and dancing (in some cases not as we know it possibly due to over consumption of the aforementioned Chucklehead cider)…


People dancing

Future Groove were also bloody fantastic despite the absence of the lead singer in the line up (would love to see them again with lead singer Helen McDonald as well) – doubtless awesome.


Future Groove

Pure sunshine for the headline act on the main stage this year though, and what an amazing performance from Misty in Roots. Conscious lyrics and a colourful and conscious audience.

Misty in Roots



The heart of Brixton is under threat from the gentrification that’s sweeping London – thankfully, local activists are doing their best to keep it alive. We salute you!


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