Wild flowers

Here comes the summer…

Very excited about the summer which hasn’t been shaping up too badly so far…

After falling in love with travels in a camper van in foreign climes, finally bit the bullet and got one of these.

Bilbos Celex campervan

For our first try out we headed out to Oldbury Hill in kent. The campsite was great, not least because of the friendly couple running it. Better still we only had to walk to the campsite entrance to find ourselves in lovely walking territory. So off we headed, through beautiful shaded woodland, up hill, and onto open fields.

The path was somewhat overgrown which made the walk all the more of an adventure. After lots of nice views, returned to camp nicely tired and happy albeit a little scratched up from the undergrowth.



Wild flowers Fields

Cooked up a storm then slept a surprisingly comfortable night in our new second home. Van nicely broken in – already planning the next trip…

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