Cyclemania – And it Ain’t No April Fool, Fool

After some high drama that involved being evacuated from Holborn because of  a fire, I headed down to Farringdon to watch some films about cycling with my cycling buddies, to get us in the mood for the spring/summer sportif season.

I never thought it would come to this, and was inclined to agree with a colleague who said it was a sad and boring thing to do… However, neither of us could have been more wrong. The four short films that were on show were absolutely fantastic:

Mad Danny Macaskill’s crazy ridge ride on the Isle of Skye:



Ultimate endurance – A ride up Mount Washington on a (23 kg) city bike (with just 3  inappropriate-for-the-context gears), and involving return flight from UK to USA, with the ride itself successfully completed within 36 hours… All this despite gun wielding police threatening arrest, multiple traffic jams, missed flights… Kudos!!



Isabelle Clement’s film about cycling in London on a wheelchair bicycle:



Megamoon, a lovely tale of love and cycling across the USA from New Mexico to Canada:


Megamoon Trailer from Maia Media on Vimeo.


Big thanks to Sustrans for putting on such a great evening of films, the crazy cyclists that undertook these challenges, and J for sorting out the tickets.

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