Spanish Apples Anyone? 1

So, came across this story on the BBC today, rather late to the game as usual. However, better late than never. The clips had me in stitches.
The original interview story  of Las Paelleras is funny enough and yet… more creative mischief making individuals with a talent for spoofing came up with this hilarious take on the original. Enjoy…



Thanks! I’m still chuckling. And it’s set me up well for a Happy Friday tomorrow on International Day of Happiness.

If that doesn’t work for you, perhaps this will.

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One thought on “Spanish Apples Anyone?

  • Deb

    OMG Aba, I pissed me pants……from your blurb I thought we were talking Spanish Granny Smiths!!! Im soooo such a luddite!
    I did end up pissing me pants again, even tho I didnt understand most of it…….except the bit about a dongle……Iv got one of those!!!!!! Big lovexx