During these past few weeks encompassing Christmas break and enforced house arrest due to incapacity (don’t ask), I’ve rediscovered the pleasures of lolling about on my sofa watching stuff on a screen or listening to the radio for extended periods.

Thanks to box sets of The Sopranos, Orange is the New Black, and more recently Breaking Bad, (all of which I somehow managed not to get into at the time they were originally broadcast), I have been fully occupied. What great writing!

<start rant>

Why when there is so much great drama out there do we have to put up with the pap offered on free to view channels these days? Endless reality TV of one form or another…

</end rant>

Anyway, as well as the box sets I’ve recently been introduced to:

beta.radiooooo.com where you can listen to music from around the world and from different decades. Check it out. Thanks to Mr M for drawing this great resource to my attention.

And to this site where you can stream or download films for free (ignore the request for credit card information and just keep refreshing the page).

There’s also YouTube of course, but with all that content it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, so Mr D thanks for this one!



And finally, visual entertainment with a more serious side. We may laugh but we also gotta worry about the rise of folk with the sort of views displayed here:



In between all that screen watching, I’ve also managed to fit in my very much neglected pleasure of reading actual books and can thoroughly recommend: Angelique Kidjo’s Spirit Rising (also the title of her great album), Ellen Feldman’s Scottsboro, and Cheryl Strayed’s gripping read, Wild.

I can only ask, where have I been all my life??

Now, almost fully recovered, and with spring fast approaching, if I can tear myself away for long enough it’ll be back to rediscovering the great outdoors on one of my trusty two wheeled steeds…Clearly I need to get out more!

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