Bring on the music!

Great to have had the pleasure of going to 2 fantastic gigs in the last couple of weeks.

First up a cool and dapper Ebo Taylor, 1970’s Highlife and Afrobeat legend, still struttin’. Excellent vibe at the gig itself…

As a youngster living in Ghana in the late 70’s I didn’t really appreciate the sound, despite the fact that we had almost unlimited access to records via a relative, who’s label Ebo produced and arranged for. Opting instead for the latest sounds from across the pond in the UK and US.

Aah the folly of youth. Fortunately as an adult I outgrew those childish philistine ways and have morphed into a more rounded musical human being…

Anyway, kudos Ebo. Long may you live and prosper. At 74 + you still rock da house!

Ebo Taylor on stage
















Next up, a great band from Aotearoa,  land of the kiwi. The fantastically awesome Fat Freddy’s Drop. The setting at London’s Alexandra Palace, the People’s Palace, was fitting with its stunning view of London’s night skyline. The house was full to bursting, the vibe youthful, electric, and happy; the music sweet dub, deep tribal bass, fulsome horns, with the band exuding an unbelievable energy.

Who woulda thought that a big bellied bloke prancing about in his underwear could be so mesmerising?!!!

Sweet As…

Fat Freddy's Drop

Fat Freddy's Drop

Fat Freddy's Drop

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