Yet another bicycle to covet?

I’m slightly alarmed to find myself subscribing to the n+1 theory of bicycle ownership, where n=the no. of bicycles you currently own, (the theory being that the correct no. of bicycles to own is n+1). Don’t really know where I’m going to store another bike but I have lately been eyeing up this one – a single speed Specialized Langster Street.



I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the subject of my next bike with anyone who cares to listen (admittedly that’s not very many people…). So when a colleague suggest the Dutch designed Black Star Bamboo bicycle I just had to investigate… Aside from the fact that it’s a bicycle made from… bamboo… the fact that it’s built in Ghana, land of my birth, also sparked my interest…Thanks to the Grand old Duke for bringing this environmentally sustainable bike to my attention.

Weighing in at a hefty 14kg, as another colleague pointed out, this might be a triumph of design and style over function. Though I have to say, I wouldn’t mind having a go on one….



bamboo bicycle



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