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I’ve written here more than once of my sojourns to Nimbin, in Northern NSW. So I was somewhat distressed to learn this week that half the town, hippy capital of Australia (some would say the world), burned down in a suspicious fire.


Bringabong shop burnt in Nimbin fire. Source: Facebook/Lorraine Keen


The whole incident has proved pretty devastating for this alternative community, and home to one of my closest friends. However, luckily no one was hurt.

A couple of my favourite quotes from the locals:


“Our food was exceptional; our chips were made from real potatoes,”

Rainbow Café (the hub of the town) employee

“I’ve been coming to this [hemp] museum every day for 22 years.”

Nimbin resident

(Be warned – these profound observations could be the long term effect of smoking too much pot…just saying…)

Apparently one of the murals painted on the side of a building was done by Rolf Harris …And painted over once his trial started.

Got to admit, the wooden buildings that are now gone and the murals with them, were pretty cool. I wish the folk of Nimbin well and hope they get what they need to get going again.

More news on this story which even made it across the big pond from:

Well I’m off to Nimbin next year, let’s hope I come back un-charred…


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One thought on “Hippy town burns down

  • Deb

    We all hang out for you and the girls to come back to your alternative home!!!
    Smoke may not quite have cleared!!!!!!!!
    The Northern Rivers folk are resilient and innovative….lots will emerge from the tragedy of losing heritage buildings, businesses closing down overnight, and the loss every individual feels at seeing debris and chaos where once was a vibrant and social area of the town. Big love xo