Woan playing lute

World City Music Village

Had a bloody fabulous day enjoying music from around the world. Cultural Cooperation put on a great event – World City Music Village at Wilton’s  Music Hall.

Woan playing lute

All the performers on the day were highly talented to say the least. Stand out performers for me were Kasai Masai – great to see them again, it’s been a few years – they really got the place jumping. And, new to me, Family Atlantica and Namvula. Both the latter featured strong women with amazing stage presence. Check out their websites to find a gig near you and definitely check them out.

Kasai Masai (at a different gig) – I verbally established that this guy’s hips were actually attached to his torso… and we went home on the same bus as the bass player… lovely guys. Find out more about them on their website.


Singing traditional Bulgarian folk songs about pretty young maidens (yes maidens!)  were Eugenia Georgieva & Perunika Trio, incredible voices – and one of them wasn’t even Bulgarian but didn’t seem to have any difficulty coping with the language for a Londoner!



Luzmira Zerpa front woman for Family Atlantica had an incredible stage presence, amazing voice (sadly drowned out by the instruments a lot of the time) and was pretty handy on the percussion too…


Another powerful performance from Namvula…


The women truly represented but trying hard not to be outdone – lightning speed drum hands from Nickens Nkoso…


…front man for the fabulous Kasai Masai and their jump up Congo rhythms.


Never mind the bands, the audience were pretty entertaining too. Especially the 3 Elvises…a feature of summertime London for years. Sure to be found shaking their stuff around town wherever there is top class free music happening. Big Up!


All of a blur the Elvises shake their pelvises so fast…

If you fancy it, watch the whole shebang…


World City Music Village 2014 – Cultural Co-operation from ArtStreamingTV on Vimeo.

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