Easter musings

Interesting couple of weeks since last post. Great to have a week off over Easter to catch up with family and friends and generally be a slovenly slothy slug.

Got round to bit of culture n stuff in the lead up to the resurrection. First up an interesting mix of Jazz and sitar with Deirdre Cartwright / Baluji Shrivastav ensemble. Bloody fantastic performance from all and a really good night.

Also went to see Half of a Yellow Sun (the film of the book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) at the (in)famous Peckham Plex. The audience (all six of us – the film was at the end of its run) was uncharacteristically (if the urban myth is to be believed) well behaved.

Whilst the acting was flawless, the film didn’t convey the power and emotions of the book which is a thoroughly gripping read and comes highly recommended by my good self.

Nevertheless, an exciting adventure to visit the plex where tickets are £4.99 all day! A bargain if you ask me and anyway who needs ambience when you can have cheap n cheerful.

Really enjoying reading Chimamanda’s lastest work, Americanah – maybe they’ll make that into a film one day too…

Yet more on the cultural front, Kingston 14 at Theatre Royal Stratford. Great play, great performances by all the actors including star Goldie and great nosh served up in the theatre bar afterwards. Love that place.

Finally, whiled away a few minutes of me lunch break writing my own script to this clever advertisement by a well know manufacturer of liquid paper (have a go yourself it you have a few seconds of your life to waste having a wee bit of fun…), and being astonished by whatever’s  going on with this arty thing here…

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