The Brown Boot of Anne 3

Had a fabulous weekend down in Hampshire taking in a walk to Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve amongst other things. An ancient Yew woodland and tree hugger’s paradise. We even ran into a marauding Saxon who’d lost the rest of his tribe (we were able to point him in the right direction – at least we later passed him having been reunited with his friends).

Ancient Yew tree, Kingley Vale, West Sussex, UK

As well as containing possibly the most ancient things in Britain (the aforementioned Yew trees), a walk to the top affords fantastic views of the coast. On a clear day, you can see out to the Isle of Wight (t’was a slightly hazy day for us so the Isle was just discernable in the distance).

Highlight of the day was the emerging spring. Clocks going forward, daffodils all about and such like. As I waxed lyrical about the green shoots of spring one too many times I heard a voice behind me. It was our Scottish Annie playing the dour Scottish woman she definitely  isn’t…

“If you don’t stop going on about the green shoots of spring you’ll be feeling the brown boot of Anne up your arse!”.

Once we’d all recovered from cracking up, I silently continued to capture images to add to my spring collection

Daffodils by Saxon church, West Sussex, UK

The next day we went for a more local walk past a field of cute little llamas (or were they alpacas?) and lambs.

Lambs and Llamas in field, West Sussex, UK

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3 thoughts on “The Brown Boot of Anne

  • Deb

    Sounds like you had fun! LOL re: Ann – too funny, and I can imagine that is just what she said! Thru gritted teeth coz she has to WALK!
    Alpaca, my dear! Smaller ears and rounded back – and they are smaller than llama – not that I spot any longer ears, flat backs in that paddock to compare with!!!
    Now you know!!! xxxx